We Dedicated on Oracle Cloud based web technology using Oracle Apex

Why CSL is better

We design, develop and maintain cloud based business software for running your company with minimal IT infrastructure costs
hence allowing you to focus growing your company in other key areas.

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Cloud Solutions Ltd (CSL) is a Canada-Bangladesh join venture company. It is one of the leading vendors of cloud computing software for business management. We are focused only on Oracle Apex technology that is robust, secured and salable as client wants. We offer SaaS (Software as a service) that ensure as you go as you pay model over cloud environment.

Our products are:

  • Less cost & minimum invest with World class standard
  • High available and any device accessible
  • Data is secured with SSL encryption
  • Multi-location based cloud data backup
  • Integrated sms and email sending facility
  • Application are synchronize with android apps

Brac-Manthan Award Winner 2016

Award of Reorganization


CSL Mobile Accounts
Brac Manthan Award 2016

CSL Mobile Accounts is offline usable personal or official accounting system. It follows all standard accounting principle that manage by dual entry system. It definitely make your life easy and hassle free to manage accounting information https://play.google.com

Our Remarkable Products

CSL all products are designed integrated module base so that it can work as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Client can use any product standalone as per their need. Our all products has mobile version in android environment so that user can access information from Mobile or TAB.

Our remarkable projects & Clients


CDMS (Crime Data Management System), Bangladesh Police

CDMS is integrated web based application that store and retrieve crime & criminal information by Bangladesh Police. Data entry or operation point is around 600 police stations and 70 courts. Right now its user is around 10,000 and expected to increase 50,000. The system generates criminal’s crime related profile indicating all previous crime and previous conviction (PCPR). The system generates statistics reports for decision maker so they can take necessary crime protection initiatives. It is highly secured Oracle technology solution that connected with all unit via secured internet connection using VPN.
Technology: Database: Oracle 11g, Front End: Oracle Apex


PCMS (Police Clearance Management System), a2i, Bangladesh Police

PCMS (Police Clearance Management System), Bangladesh Police: PCMS is an a2i project, monitored by PMO (Prime Minister Office) supported by UNDP and operated by Bangladesh Police. It allows citizen to apply online for police clearance certificate. There is online payment mechanism using credit card, mobile banking like bKash etc. Concern thana will verify information and print certificate by authority. At each progress stage applicant will get notification via mobile SMS. User can download completed certificate logging in to the system.
Technology: Database: Oracle 11g, Front End: Oracle Apex


PIMS (Personal Information Management System), Bangladesh Police

Police PIMS is web based HR management software. It is accessible from all police staff. The system is highly secured and access is restricted. Web based application running around 200 police unit all over Bangladesh. Police is planning to access PIMS information by 175,000 police personnel user. The software enables to each police staff to update their content. PIMS is digital service book of police personnel. It has service information including promotion, posting, training, prize, punishment, etc.
Technology: Database: Oracle 11g, Front End: Oracle Apex


BLIMS (Building and Land Information Management System), Bangladesh Police

Building and Land Information Management System is web based distribute application. It is operating from 130 units around the country. The estate and revenue section keep all police building and land information including its pictures, documents and metadata. Using the software estate section manage budgeting, repair budgeting according to predefined district quota and total budget. Estate section’s financial related letters are produced using software with barcode. The system also has residential building information and house allotment mechanism.
Technology: Database: Oracle 11g, Front End: Oracle Apex


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